Family reunion

What a long month without any updates! Hello! We are back. With internet connection and lots of changes around us. Short about everything.

First of all: we’ve moved into our new house. Since then I am running the project “House to Home”. We had 2 weeks off, invited my parents for help, but still haven’t finished everything what was planned. Though, we have less old trees and plants in the garden, lots of firewood in the woodshed, new sewage system. Things to do till everything will frost over: rake all the leaves, recreate one lawn (where the sewage system was build) and prepare plants like roses etc. for winter.
And then we will have a long dark days and nights to work inside. The great plan of mine is to finish all the dirty work (make a nice kitchen from zero) till 1st of December. Since we will demolish one wall, I cannot unpack my things in the living room. Well, technically, I can, but then I will have to clean the dust over and over. Who wants that.
To be honest, lots of my things are still packed in boxes and placed in the terrace. My sewing machine, felt and all the needles as well. I thought about it, that I won’t have time to sew, but I couldn’t imagine that I won’t be having time to eat or sleep (or keep you updated). But, one thing at the time.
Our baby Joringis is starting to crawl. If he wants something (toy, book, my laptop, phone, magazine) he moves like a small bug and grabs the thing. We will celebrate 6 months! Half of the year full of adventures. The latest adventure was the visit to the Zoo in Kaunas together with his little cousin Barbora. I will post some photos from that visit later.

And another joyful news is … our dog is back from half year vacation. Family reunion. Can’t wait for the winter, as he can pull a sled with the little one.
So, this time I am leaving you with some photos from my garden and I am going to make a plan for kitchen renovation. The paperwork (the hunt for papers is starting tomorrow) is the longest part. At least I hope so.

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