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On the dragon wings

I love fairy tales. With knights, elves, dwarfs, dragons, princesses, silk dresses, dark woods and happy endings. I like to believe, that all this was true that the kingdoms like in the books of J. R. R. Tolkien truly existed that you could keep a dragon as a pet and learn the magic. Well, I don’t do cos-plays nor attach the dragon wings to my dog’s shoulders… But I cannot miss a chance to see, to touch or to play.

My favorite movie of all the time about this matter is of course The lord of the rings. Everything about this movie is amazing and worth watching again and again. Sweet hobbits and their simply life – I am sure that I would live like them if I would live on the country side. Garden, flowers, nice food, vine, friends and fireworks. Wise elves… If I could meet a real life person who has at least a bit of elven wisdom and beauty. If I play any video game I always choose elven character to play with. The dwarfs – I think I know a lots of people similar to dwarfs. They are hard-working, honest and enjoying all life’s opportunities.

The runner-up is the G. R. R. Martin and his Game of thrones, both series and the books. It is really violent and contains a lots of adult scenes, but the message about the honor, love, family, care and duty is well shown and that’s what fascinates me.

My to-buy-list contains one book about the dragons. I think you all know the books like “Everything you need to know about your cat” or “How to train a dog”. The name of the book is “How to Raise and Keep a Dragon” (link)

This post was inspired by the Dragon exhibition we visited this weekend. Check some photos and have an easy Monday.

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