Hospitality and pencil question

Warm and sunny day outside. Unfortunately I am spending it in the office. Just came back from the lunch break which means I have 4 more hours to go.

Yesterday I had a new (old) experience.  I am a member of hospitality club for about 6 years now, but i always miss the requests (shame on me). I’ve linked my profile with my mailbox and now I receive it by email. So I got one request from Holland. A guy named Dave asked to host him for couple of nights. It turned out that it will be one night after all.

We took him from the centre and brought home. Had an interesting chat about Lithuanian history and the way to independence, economical growth, EU, Lithuanian language and habits.

Since I need to work Edvinas (my husband) is spending this day with Dave. Dave’s bus is in the evening, so they have the whole day of Vilnius-experience ahead.

It is really hard to trust someone you’ve met just 5 minutes ago. So this is a good practice for me. As I visited Paris for the first time, I was staying at strangers houses as well. They gave me keys, shared door codes even borrowed metro tickets. Nowhere, even in the darkest corner of my soul, I couldn’t find any bad thought (to borrow pencil let say). So why should I be afraid?

Overall, it is really nice experience. I can’t wait for another email asking for accommodation. And hopefully I won’t need to work!

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