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Analogue bread crumbs

Oh the sun. Softly running through my windows. We live in spring for the whole week. It is a bit funny, because one significant part of me is living back in winter or in the very cold beginning of the spring.

Even not in Vilnius. How is it possible? Have you ever took the photo with analogue camera? I use this camera for very special occasions. The last film was used during our first weekend for two in Druskininkai and ended last weekend when we celebrated Easter and birthday of sweetest Barbora.

It is wonderful, when I go down the Vytautas street, stop by number 22 and open heavy door. In an half an hour I come back to take the developed film and INDEX. I LOVE INDEX. It is small (15×9 cm) photo like paper with all the photos from the film. I am so happy and excited when I get the first look into those little pictures I took months ago. I could look into them the whole day. The next step is film scanning. I cut the film into pieces (6 negatives) and put it in the frame, then prescan, adjust colours, contrast, correct exposure and tolerance and finally scan. So one by one I can see the pictures. Like a bread crumbs to my past.

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